Avoid Damaging Sensitive Surfaces

Bojo Tools offers you a range of composite plastic scrapers, prying & other specialty tools for use in manufacturing, maintenance or repair processes to get projects done faster, while saving you money.

Complete Aircraft MRO Projects Up To 33% Faster & With Less Waste

Try Bojo’s superior tool lines that include composite plastic scrapers, pry tools, sealant removal and sealant application systems for faster jobs with less waste.

Use Our Anti-Damage Tools In Automotive Applications

Avoid costly damage to car interiors or paint jobs by using our composite plastic scrapers, pry tools and specialty tools used by top auto manufacturers.

Some Home Improvement Projects Are Best Done With Plastic Tools

When you don’t want to scratch or damage base materials or painted surfaces, try Bojo Tools for a safer alternative to metal tools.

Watch this short video to learn how we can help you save time & money.

Some of our customers include:

Aircraft & Aerospace

In aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, repair or overhaul, MRO, Bojo tools have helped keep some of the fleets in the world in the air on time and on schedule for over a decade.

Bojo plastic scrapers and pry tools for auto repair and stereo installation.

Automotive Industry

Whether it’s to install a new car stereo or other interior work, our tools help by reducing or removing the risk of potential marring or scratching damage to delicate automotive parts, components, or surfaces.

Bojo plastic scrapers and pry tools for home improvement.

Homes & Appliances

It doesn’t matter if it’s simple, day-to-day cleaning, if it’s a remodeling job or new construction, Bojo Tools are sometimes the best alternative to metal tools for certain applications.

Bojo plastic scrapers and pry tools for home improvement.

Watercraft and Maritime Industry

Because they’re made out of high quality composite plastics, Bojo Tools are ideal to perform certain tasks when working on a cleaning or maintenance project on a boat to help avoid serious damage.
Bojo plastic scrapers and pry tools for laptops, smartphones, computers, tablets..

Electronic Devices

The Bojo Techno-Pry line helps both professionals and do-it-yourselfers to more easily, quickly and safely open electronic devices, reducing the risk of breaking, marring or scratching sensitive materials.
Bojo plastic scrapers and pry tools for laptops, smartphones, computers, tablets..

Firearms Maintenance

The Bojo Firearms Cleaning Kit can help anyone that handles firearms better maintain their weapons and feel more confident that their firearms will operate properly when used. It includes 9, non-abrasive, composite-plastic tools.

Bojo offers you:

Durable and Sharp Plastic Scrapers

Largest range of tip profiles and multiple material options give Bojo the ‘edge’ over any alternative products. They are manufactured with solvent-resistant, and strong materials which can be re-honed or re-sharpened. They make for quicker, safer & more efficient work – without marring vulnerable surfaces or coatings.

Powerful Composite Plastic Impact Tools

Speed up your project with these composite plastic impact tools that take the hard work out of repetitive scraping or cleaning tasks with minimized marring or gouging.

Compact Plastic Scraper Tools

In keeping with Bojo’s tradition of designing ergonomic handles for the added comfort of their users, these scrapers can help you with a number of applications where larger tools simply don’t fit.

Strong, Composite Plastic Prying Tools

Pry sensitive components or materials while reducing the risk of damaging them. Multiple tip shapes and material options give you the biggest range of plastic prying tools in the world.

Firearms Cleaning Tools

Used by world-renowned military services and private firearm owners, our line of high-quality, anti-damge composite plastic cleaning tools will help you maintain your weapons more efficiently, while saving you money.


O-Ring Pick Tools

These practical tools are ideal for removing old gaskets and other applications requiring thin and pointy, but strong composite plastic tools to reduce the risk of damage to sensitive surfaces.

Seal Applicators

More easily and quickly apply, remove or adjust seals while reducing the risk of scratching delicate components, which could lead to unwanted leaks of fluids such as oils or water.

Smart Wire Handling Tools

In avionic, automotive and general electronic assembly and servicing, this kit of tools makes for safer and faster working. Non-conductive, as are all our composite plastic tools and an essential aid to consistent production procedures and safer re-works.

Composite Plastic Socket & Wrench Inserts

Our metric and SAE socket & wrench inserts are a unique torque-limiting solution that minimizes the potential damage to plated or decorative nuts, bolts or fasteners.


Composite Plastic Wrenches

Warranted for voltages found in any vehicles (including hybrids), our composite plastic wrenches are safe for working torques required for battery and power pack terminals. They are strong, non-sparking, non-conductive and non-marring tools.

Precision Gap Gauges

These presision cut and laser-marked measuring tools take quality control to the highest level. We all know that the finest levels of fit and finish demand accurate measurements and these tools earn their keep on production lines around the world.

Non-Marring Rulers

Use our precision-cut and laser-marked rulers in applications when you want to reduce the risk of scratching or marring sensitive surfaces, such as in automotive factories.

Electronic Devices Case Opening Tools

These tools help technicians open the cases of PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones with more ease and faster, which helps them save time and energy, allowing them to become more productive.

What some of our product users had to say about our tools:

Definitely worth the price. Can’t do a clean removal without this set.

You wouldn’t think you’d need a set, but then the set does its job and proves you wrong.


Mount Sterling, IL

These tools were a big help with my Silverado door panels. No scratches on trim. Saved my fingers from getting pinched and plastic connectors popped free rather than breaking.

Marion, NC

Very well built pry tools.

I work as a Lead Installer at a shop and they work well and do not scratch delicate trim.

I would recommend them.

Mike C.

Starks, ME

…these things are durable enough for more than one install.

They’re perfect for preventing scratches and pressure points on delicate plastic dash/panel parts.

Craig C.


The tools have been working great helping us pry stuck 3D prints from the print beds, as well as all sorts of uses!

They are strong enough to do it, and due to their construction, avoid marring the delicate surface of the printers. 

Jonathan P.

Pinckney, MI, PinckneyPirates.org

Six Top Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Tools:

Quality you can trust

We don’t cut corners on quality. Period. Our tools are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. following strict quality guidelines. We guarantee our tools.

Order 1 tool or 10,000

For the convenience of our valued customers, we accept orders of 1 tool or thousands so you can determine how much inventory you want to keep on hand.
big variety of composit plastic bojo tools

Get the right tool for your project

With so many tip designs, widths, more flexible or more sturdy tools, we are confident you’ll find the right one for your specific task or project, which will save you time & energy.
strong and durable plastic scrapers and pry tools

Excellent value & long-term savings

The moment you hold a Bojo Tool in your hand, you will realize that it’s not a cheap, immitation tool that you’ll soon will have to throw away in the recycle bin, but one you’ll use multiple times.
Bojo ergonomically designed composite plastic scrapers and pry tools

More comfortable for your hands

The triangular-shaped handle and thumb and index finger pinch points allow for a better grip with less discomfort to your hands, especially on projects that require prolonged use.
Bojo non-conductive plastic scrapers and pry tools

Safety is our priority

Sometimes we may need to work on projects that require us to work close to high-voltage equipment. Our composite plastic tools are certainly safer than their metal counterparts.

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