We all know how helpful pry bars can be when working on installation, repair, or maintenance projects.

Metal pry bars are ideal for tougher jobs where one is not dealing with delicate materials or coatings, but when it comes to projects that require extra care to not break or damage parts or components such as those made out of plastic or fiber glass, using plastic pry bars is the best alternative to metal ones.

Bojo Tools pride ourselves in providing our customers with a wide range of plastic pry bars of different sizes and varying tip designs to best suit each specific task.

Our pry bars include flat, angled, and curved tip variations. Like the following, for example:

ATH-20-XNGL: Long Narrow Pry Tool

ATH-56-XNGL: Wide Angled Pry Tool

ATH-91-UNGL: Wide Pry Bar Tool

For tasks that require forked pry bars, such as removing certain types of fasteners in car interiors, for example, Bojo Tools offers pry bars such as the following:

ATH-7-XNGL: Flat Forked Pry Bar.

ATH-5-UNGL: Wide Forked Pry Bar

ATH-90-XNGL: Forked Angled Prying Tool

For tasks involving smaller components, Bojo Tools offers the compact or micro pry tools line that include:




(To learn about the MPT2 tool line in more detail, including the anti electrostatic discharge versions, check out this in-depth article.)

Additionally, Bojo Tools offers both a larger and a smaller line of pry bars for jobs that require it, such as the following:







One other important differentiator between our pry bars is the material they’re manufactured with.

Our engineered plastic materials include:

NGL: Which is our light-duty material ideal more delicate jobs that don’t require too much force.

UNGL: Is our medium-duty material.

XNGL: Our heavy-duty material designed for tougher jobs.

Our pry tools can be purchased as singles, or as kits, such as the following:





You can learn more about those and all our other tools by clicking here.

All the best with all your projects!

The Bojo Tools Team