Our Micro Pry Tools make it easier and more convenient to pry open or pry apart smaller components.

When working on maintenance or repair jobs involving smaller components, such as plastic housings with locking tabs, it’s not always a good idea to try to pry them open with a screwdriver or another metal tool as that increases the chances of breaking the locks or damaging the housing itself.

That is why Bojo Tools designed the “MPT2” tool line of Micro (or Compact) Pry Tools.

It includes three, dual-tip tools of different tip widths:

Each of those tools is made in the USA using our exclusive process to produce plastic tools of the highest quality.

Our heavy-duty, XNGL material is the strongest we have, which make our XNGL tool lines sturdier, without being bridle, like other tools made available by other companies.

The center handle was designed for a strong and comfortable grip to reduce the chances the tool slipping out of the user’s fingers, which makes for a faster and safer job, with greater controls and accuracy.

The Bojo MPT2 tools are each available separately and, in any quantity, whether that is 1 piece or 1,000.

We also have them available as a 3-piece kit in a convenient vinyl pouch for easier carrying and storage. The 3-piece kit’s part number is MPT2-3KIT-XNGL.

You may click here to learn more about the MPT2 3-piece kit.

To learn more about the MPT2-176-210-XNGL with a 3/16” (4.6 mm) wide tip, click here.

To learn more about the MPT2-178-211-XNGL with a 5/16” (8.0 mm) wide tip, click here.

To learn more about the MPT2-179-212-XNGL with a 15/32” (12 mm) wide tip, click here.

Is using anti-electrostatic discharge tools important for you?

If you work on projects in which reducing or eliminating electrostatic discharge is imperative, such as working on circuit boards, for example, you should know that Bojo Tools also offers a version of the MPT2 tools made with using our ESDNGL material, which is safer and ideal for those types of projects.

The part numbers for those individual tools are:

The part number for the 3-piece kit containing those tools is:

You can learn more about those tools by clicking here.

All the best with all your projects!

The Bojo Tools Team