When working on projects that require scraping off unwanted substances such as old sealants or grease, but you don’t want to damage to delicate surfaces, it’s a good idea to use plastic scrapers.

Often times the challenge is finding the best plastic scraper for a specific job based on the surface base material (plastic, metal, glass or fiber glass surface, for example), the width of the work surface (is it wide or narrow), the unwanted substance you want to scrape off, etc.

Choosing the correct scraper is important, as it will help to make your job easier and create a better surface finish.

Thankfully, Bojo Tools has a comprehensive selection of scrapers with varying strengths, shapes and widths.

We feel it is important to match the correct width scraper to the correct slot width being scraped as it has been shown to save many man-hours during sealant removal and maintenance operations.

All the best with your projects.

The Bojo Tools Team

The short video above highlights Bojo’s most popular scrapers for you.