Often times, many of our customers work on projects that require the scraping off of unwanted substances such as old sealants, grime, or grease, but the space is too narrow for the more common scraper widths.

That’s why they order Bojo Tool’s ATH-62-XNGL Scraper that features a ¼ inch wide tip.

It is made from glass-filled nylon for use in slots that are ¼ inch wide or larger.

The tapered tip allows for solid blade support and cutting action, while the chamfered edge makes it easy to clean out slots.

Bojo’s XNGL material makes this scraper optimal for use in slot-cleaning applications. This rugged scraper can be resharpened and is great for long-lasting performance, which can save you money.

You can learn more about the ATH-62-XNGL here.

All the best in your projects,

The Bojo Tools Team