Many scraper blades are straight, like some of the Bojo Tool models. This is because they are designed to remove as much material as possible in a single pass.

Unfortunately, when challenged with scraping the outside diameter of a pipe or tube, a straight blade is not the ideal.

Now there’s a better solution: The Bojo Tools’ ATH-113-XNGL 2” Tube Scraper.


It is constructed from heavy-duty glass-filled nylon for scraping the surfaces of tubes that are 2” external diameter or smaller. This allows for more material to be removed during each pass. This can greatly increase efficiency during tube scraping or while removing mill scale from aluminum pipes.

The tapered blade tip allows for a level of cutting action and as with all Bojo Tool scrapers, the ATH-113-XNGL can be resharpened to extend its life and save you money.

Click here for additional information on the ATH-113-XNGL 2” Tube Scraper, including price and ordering information.

Keep building and fixing stuff,

The Bojo Tools Team