Use Our Anti-Damage Tools In Automotive Applications

Avoid costly damage to car interiors or paint jobs by using our composite plastic scrapers, pry tools and specialty tools used by top auto manufacturers.

Avoid Damaging Sensitive Surfaces

Bojo Tools offers you a range of composite plastic scrapers, pry & other specialty tools for use in manufacturing, maintenance or repair processes to get projects done faster, while saving you money.

Watch this short automotive industry video below to learn more:

We offer you over 400 tools with various designs of different plastic strengths to suit your specific tasks or projects.

We are proud to be a supplier to Fortune 500 Companies world wide and look forward to serving you.

Here you can see some photos of our tools in action to give you some ideas of how they can help you complete your projects faster, more efficiently and with less to zero risk of scratching, marring or damaging base materials.

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