Avoid Scratching or Damaging Delicate Parts When Working on Car Interiors, With Bojo’s Composite Plastic Prying Tools Kit

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Reduce the risk of damaging delicate parts or surfaces in auto interiors with Bojo’s composite plastic tools.

When working on maintenance, repair or installation projects that require prying delicate components apart, removing protective caps or buttons, or unlocking plastic tabs, we recommend using our tools instead of metal tools that could scratch, break or tear delicate materials.

Our tools are trusted by world-renowned organizations, including:

We want to earn your trust as well.

Here’s what’s included in Bojo’s Interior 7 Kit


This prying tool with a 1 3/16″ wide tip will provide you solid leverage when prying apart components.


This special panel clip removal tool is manu-factured using our medium-duty, UNGL composite plastic material.


This particular tool is ideal for the removal of larger panel clips.


This tool was designed to help you carefully remove automotive trim fasteners and covers.


Use this unique tool to remove interior button covers while reducing the risk of damaging them as screw drivers and other metal tools often do.


This is Bojo’s Blunt Stuffing Tool and is manufactured using our medium-duty, UNGL composite plastic material.


The Bojo Stepped Trim Release tool is ideal for tight-fitting panels that have little give or play, allowing access to release snap clips.


The kit comes in a practical tool box to carry or store your Bojo Tools to keep them handy when working on your projects.

Each of those tools is manufactured using Bojo’s special blend of composite plastic that we refer to as “UNGL”, giving you the perfect balance of strength and protection against damage to delicate parts when used properly.

Here’s what some of our product users had to say about our tools:

Definitely worth the price.

Can’t do a clean removal without this set.

You wouldn’t think you’d need a set, but then the set does its job and proves you wrong.


Mount Sterling, IL

These tools were a big help with my Silverado door panels. No scratches on trim.

Saved my fingers from getting pinched & plastic connectors popped free rather than breaking.


Marion, NC

Very well built pry tools.

I work as a Lead Installer at a shop and they work well and do not scratch delicate trim.

I would recommend them.

Mike C.

Starks, ME

…these things are durable enough for more than one install.

They’re perfect for preventing scratches and pressure points on delicate plastic dash/panel parts.

Craig C.


You could purchase each tool separately on our online store at Shop.BojoTools.com for $4.50, if you’d rather create your own set (not including the F1 toolbox).

At the regular price, 7 tools come up to $31.50.

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This special offer expires on Monday, November 28, 2022 at 11:59 pm.








You Have Zero Risk

You really have nothing to lose because, if you’re not happy with your kit for any reason, simply return it within 30 days after your purchase, and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

In fact, we’ll even pay you back the shipping fees!

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